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Simplifies your web3 development process with seamless access to on-chain and off-chain data.

What is Web3 API?

The Chainbase Web3 API is an API suite that simplifies your web3 development process with seamless access to on- and off-chain data. No matter what you’re building, our Web3 API will provide the necessary data support, including balance, transaction history, ownership, and price information.

Web3 API Features

Chainbase lets you easily and instantly look up multi-chain, multi-asset balances, transfer history, prices, etc. No indexing is required!

Built for Web3 Use Cases

The advanced feature set of our Web3 APIs means it can support use case, including:

  • NFT Marketplaces
  • Wallets
  • Block Explorers
  • DeFi portfolio Trackers
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • DAO Governance Tools
  • Gaming

Supported Chains

We will continue to add support for new blockchains for Web3 API. If there is a chain that you wish to support but we do not, please let us know by reaching us.

ChainNetwork ID
Arbitrum One42161