Chainbase is the world’s largest omnichain data network designed to integrate all blockchain data into a unified ecosystem, providing an open and transparent data interoperability layer for the AI era.

It has designed a novel dual-chain technology architecture that bridges the programmability and composability of crypto data, which supports high throughput, low latency, and eventual determinism, as well as higher cybersecurity through a dual staking model.

Our mission is to make data accessible and useful. With Chainbase, people can truly enjoy the benefits of the open internet era.


If you want to learn more, get started by diving into these concepts:

  • Network Overview - Get a quick overview of the Chainbase network in one panoramic view.
  • Core Concepts - Getting to know Chainbase from its dual-chain architecture.
  • Glossary - Some terms make it easy to understand the whole world.
  • Roadmap - Introduce in detail how Chainbase achieves interoperability, security and sustainability.

Use Cases

What can Chainbase be used for? Consider the following examples of potential applications that are now possible with Chainbase:

  1. Wallet: Enables wallets to manage and view assets on multiple blockchains from a single interface, improving user convenience.

  2. Security: Tracks attacks, provides security alerts, and performs in-depth security analysis to protect the blockchain network.

  3. AI: Facilitates the deployment of AI models that use data from multiple blockchains, enhancing accuracy and decentralization.

  4. Social: Builds social platforms where users from different blockchains can interact and share content seamlessly.

  5. Infrastructure: Provides a robust infrastructure for building applications that utilize data from multiple blockchains.

  6. DeFi: Enables DeFi platforms to support lending and borrowing across different blockchains, increasing liquidity and flexibility.


To learn about how to contribute to the network, including this documentation site, check out the Contributing section.