Inscription & Rune Overview

Chainbase is built on the Streaming Warehouse prepared for the blockchain, constructing datasets in various fields. We hope to contribute to the Data field for BTC ecology under Inscription & Rune, making it easier and more efficient for developers to join the BTC ecosystem.

Why Inscription & Rune is a Challenge from a Data Perspective in the Future

  • Theoretically, all blockchains can run the Inscription protocol. Due to their low barrier to entry, throughput and storage will become challenges.
  • The protocol is in its early stages, some indexers are still in the paper stage and have not been implemented. This requires infrastructure capabilities.
  • The current implementation of indexers is more to solve the asset rights of Inscription & Rune off-chain, while the mining of blockchain data requires more capabilities.

What has Chainbase done?

Integrating Community Indexer

At present, Inscription & Rune generally open source protocol indexer, to ensure the legitimacy of off-chain asset verification and provide simple query services. Chainbase hopes to stay integrated with the community, continuously ingesting data into the Chainbase data platform to facilitate the re-mining of data value and create more data applications. At the same time, it can contribute code to the community’s indexer.

Unify Data Abstraction Capability

Due to the lack of standardization in the Inscription & Rune’s indexer, different indexer protocols use different languages and repeatedly build with different business logic. For example, all indexers will implement balance calculations related to the tick. The platform-based capability of chainbase can unify this part of data abstraction logic, integrating more inscription protocols at a lower cost.

Make Developers Better Use Inscription & Rune Data

With the data platform capability based on chainbase, developers can explore more data value. For example

  • Insight into investment opportunities on Inscription & Rune based on the product features of datacloud, such as the excavation of smart money
  • The ability to actively push based on sync, develop robots based on message flow
  • Integrate Inscription & Rune asset data into wallet applications and more based on web3 APIs

Dataset Supported