What is Dataset

A Dataset refers to a structured collection of data stored on the Chainbase Warehouse, which providing a clear and organized way to Store, Access, and Manage Web3 data in efficient way.

These datasets go through a strict process of aggregation, validation, and indexing to ensure they are accurate and real-time. They serve as the Backbone of our platform, enabling users to interact with Web3 data in a more intuitive and efficient way.

Datasets on Chainbase comprise of various Data Tables, which can be utilized through different user-interfaces such as DataCloud, Sync, and API, catering to diverse user requirements and scenarios.

Data Layers

Datasets are structured in three primary layers to provide varying degrees of data abstraction, namely Raw, Decoded Contract, and Abstracted. These layers aid users in quickly accessing the desired dataset based on their specific needs and use-cases.

  • Raw: This layer houses the Raw Data of the blockchain including Blocks, Transactions, Traces, and Logs, serving as the fundamental basis for higher-level data interpretations.
  • Decoded Contract: Utilizing smart contract ABIs, this layer auto-decodes contract data into a more comprehensible format. It mainly comprises Call Tables and Event Logs.
  • Abstracted: This layer is highly-abstracted based on Real-world business requirements. It includes tables like nft_assets, nft_burns, token_metas etc., catering to various domains like NFTs, Tokens, and DeFi.

Chains Supported

The Chainbase platform is dedicated to building a powerful Multi-Chain ecosystem to enable interoperability and diversity of blockchain technology. thus facilitating the flow of data between different chains and networks.

By supporting multiple Layers(L1/L2) and Chain types, including EVM, Non-EVM to ensure that Chainbase platform can cover a wide range of blockchain networks and scenarios, providing users with a All in One data workstation.


EVM-compatible Chains like Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, and Optimism now are supported in Chainbase, allowing a broad dApps and services to seamlessly on our platform. Additionally, our continual updates and enhancements ensure that we stay in sync with the evolving EVM specifications and community standards, thereby ensuring our platform remains at the forefront of the blockchain technology landscape.


We also support Non-EVM chains like Bitcoin, Sui, and Aptos, By integrating them, we bridge the technological gaps between different blockchains, offering users a broader landscape for data exploration and application development.

Data Sources

Chainbase not only provides built-in datasets but also facilitates the acquisition and processing of datasets from other ways.

Users have the flexibility to harness additional data by submitting Smart-Contract ABI (Application Binary Interface) to decode the corresponded contracts.

ABI Auto Decode

Users can submit the ”Contract Address” along with the corresponding ABI to parse the data of the contract they are interested in. This feature significantly simplifies the process of decoding contract data, making it a straightforward task for users to obtain the precise contract data they need.

Through ABI Auto Decode, Chainbase empowers users to effortlessly access and interpret contract data, further enriching the datasets available on the platform and expanding the scope of data analytics and insights that can be derived from blockchain data.

While it was still in developing. and it will be released in next few versions.

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