Returns the receipt of a transaction given the transaction's hash.


  • DATA, 32 Bytes - hash of a transaction


  • Object - An object of type TransactionReceipt or null when no receipt was found
    • transactionHash: DATA, 32 Bytes - hash of the transaction
    • transactionIndex: QUANTITY - Integer of the transactions index position in the block
    • blockHash: DATA, 32 Bytes - hash of the block where this transaction was in
    • blockNumber: QUANTITY - block number where this transaction was in
    • cumulativeGasUsed: QUANTITY - The total amount of gas used when this transaction
      was executed in the block
    • gasUsed: QUANTITY - The amount of gas used by this specific transaction alone
    • contractAddress: DATA, 20 Bytes - The contract address created, if the transaction was
      a contract creation, null otherwise
    • logs: Array - Array of log objects, which this transaction generated
    • logsBloom: DATA, 256 Bytes - Bloom filter for light clients to quickly retrieve related logs.
    • root: DATA 32 bytes - post-transaction stateroot (if the block is pre-Byzantium)
    • status: QUANTITY - either 1 = success or 0 = failure (if block is Byzatnium or later)
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