Open blockchains promises a new era of democratized internet. We are building the next-generation data network for the AI era. Our mission is to make data accessible and useful. As the development team behind Chainbase, we are dedicated to creating and supporting networks, protocols, and dApps that unlock the intelligence and value of open data and drive human progress.

The following details Chainbase’s path to interoperability, security, and sustainability.


📅 May 27, 2024, 12:25:00 PM +UTC

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The “ZIRCON (Genesis)” project marks the beginning of a groundbreaking chapter for Chainbase, aiming to build a unified, secure, and decentralized data network. This ambitious initiative seeks to set new standards in data protocols, decentralized computing and storage, and developer incentives. It also focuses on training sophisticated crypto-world models and empowering users with cutting-edge AI tools. As Chainbase evolves, it will support a thriving data ecosystem, enhance protocol efficiency, and serve the ever-expanding needs of Web3.

Omnichain Data Standards

Result: Build a standard protocol that can combine and utilize all data on the network.

Decentralized Network

Result: Decentralized computing, storage and validation, and providing services.

Developer Community Economy

Result: Rewards for developers who create data(manuscripts) value in the network.

Crypto World Model

Result: Training crypto-world models to go beyond knowledge and become intelligent.

Users Empowerment

Result: Supporting non-expert crypto users with enhanced AI models and tools.

Through efforts in these five key areas, Chainbase will lay a solid foundation for the data ecosystem in the AI era, driving innovation and development in onchain data.