Common Terms

  • ⚗️Alchemist - a developer or technical contributor who creates, manipulates, or alters manuscripts.
  • 📜Manuscript - an executable that runs on the Chainbase Virtual Machine (CVM). Manuscripts define the standard schema that different data sources need to follow when converting into datasets.
  • ⚙️Chainbase Virtual Machine (CVM) - a virtual execution environment, complete with interface, that allows for the execution of sophisticated data queries.
  • 💾Data Set - a structured collection of aggregated, validated, and indexed data comprised of data tables and stored in the Chainbase Warehouse.
  • 🏭Chainbase Warehouse - a storeplace for all pre-built datasets on the Data Platform.
  • 💽Data Network - the intersection of CVM/Eigenlayer AVS (execution), IBC, ABCI++, and CometBFT (consensus), with a proprietary Data Availability Layer composed of roll ups/network participants.
  • 💿Data Platform - the suite of developer tools which allow streamlined access to information available on the Data Network.
  • 🤖TheiaChat - an AI agent, based on Theia, offering streamlined access point to the data network with built-in knowledge bases.
  • 🗺️Theia - the proprietary Crypto World Model which uses causal reasoning on crypto patterns to create verifiable reasoning chains on crypto data.