Theia is the next-generation crypto world model that provides foundation knowledge and AI capability for the web3 era. To achieve this goal, the roadmap details the path to more intelligent, secure and transparant Theia model.

Phase 1: Theia Demo Online

📅 June 20, 2024, 12:25:00 PM +UTC

To let every crypto participator touch the crypto intelligence of Theia, we first open the interactive demo for Theia. It connects users with crypto knowledge in an exciting way - talk to Theia and get what you want.

Phase 2: Theia Agent Ecosystem

📅 August 1, 2024, 12:25:00 PM +UTC

1. Knowledge Construction and Theia Expert Model (Agent)

We will create and expand the “Crypto Patterns” (i.e., expert and AI knowledge database) with community contributions and provide an interface to build Theia Agent Expert and any users can upload their own prompts (expert experiences) through this interface. Once reviewed by us, the agent can run on our model and interact with the Chainbase Network.

2. Marketplace

Open the marketplace for the agents built in Phase Two, allowing any Chainbase user to select specific agents from the marketplace to serve specific goals.

Phase 3: Continuous Model Tuning and Patterns Accumulation

To continuously increase the Theia intelligence, we will fine-tune our model periodically, and encourage the community to enrich the “crypto patterns”.