TheiaChat is an AI agent built by Chainabse Labs based on Theia, the first crypto world model. TheiaChat provides an interface through which non-expert users can interact with the Chainbase Network, opening up the ability to obtain on-chain data intelligence to everyone for the first time.

Users can enhance the Chainabse Network when interacting with TheiaChat and benefit from it. This mainly involves two types of users:

  1. Non-Expert Users: people without blockchain knowledge and skills, such as blockchain beginners. They can enhance the Chainbase Network by having conversations with TheiaChat and providing feedback on the results of the conversations, and the network rewards serious and honest users.
  2. Expert Users: People with blockchain knowledge and skills, such as professional traders and security experts. They can enhance the Chainbase Network by building Theia Task Models in TheiaChat, and the network will reward Task Model builders with high adoption.

Chainbase Labs built the Thea Security Model (TSM) as an example to show the ability to build a Task Model based on the crypto world model Theia in TheiaChat. It is a security expert to offer advice in the crypto world, e.g., how to protect my wallet and money. It is constructed by training Theia with security books and community advices.

How do interactions with TheiaChat enhance the Chainbase Network?

Every user interaction with TheiaChat and every task model built are enhancements to the under hood chainbase network. The basic logic is that these actions will directly trigger Change Data Captures (CDCs, aka Changlog), and these contents are permanently stored on Arweave.

These are powerful complement to the Chainbase Network. It is also the first time that users can contribute data to enhance the Chainbase Network. Before this, only developers could enhance the network by building Manuscripts in the network. This is the historical transformation of Chainbase Network from targeting 300,000 developers to targeting 30 million to 300 million users.

In addition, every Changlog is a transaction on the Chainbase Network, which is permanently recorded on the Chainbase Network, and is public, censorship-resistant and cannot be manipulated. Its traceability guarantees the data income rights of every data producer.