In Web3, Theia excels with its native high performance, robust security measures, and transparent reasoning, making it a next-generation Crypto World Model tailored for the Web3 community.

1. Crypto Native with High Performance

Theia is a native World Model for the crypto ecosystem, trained using the on-chain data from Chainbase omnichain data network and off-chain data from the Internet. It leverages a unique Decentralized Weight-Decomposed Low-Rank Adaptation (D2ORAD^2ORA) algorithm, which allows for training a specialized crypto parameter matrix without modifying the parameters of the base natural language processing (NLP) model. By combining these parameters, Theia integrates the robust natural language capabilities of large language models (LLMs) with expert-level knowledge of both on-chain and off-chain crypto data. This results in superior Web3 attributes and performance compared to models like ChatGPT.

2. Security

To enhance security, Theia employs generative AI to periodically update its digital persona. AI models are susceptible to attacks where adversaries can exploit model parameters to induce errors or generate targeted results. This vulnerability arises from the ability to reverse-engineer gradients from the model’s parameters. Theia addresses this issue with an innovative Generate to Defend (G2D) algorithm, which uses generative diffusion models to capture and randomize the parameter space. This approach periodically refreshes Theia’s parameters, preventing exhaustive attacks and model leaks with minimal cost.

3. Transparency

Theia is built to be transparent through the extensive learning and summarization of crypto patterns from both on-chain and off-chain data. These patterns represent explicit rules inherent in the Web3 world. When users interact with Theia, they can transparently observe its reasoning process, ensuring reliability. Additionally, users have the ability to manually modify or add new patterns, allowing them to contribute their own crypto insights and perspectives, further enhancing Theia’s intelligence.