Chainbase Improvement Proposals (CIPs) outline standards for the Chainbase network. These include core protocol specifications, client APIs, and contract standards. Network upgrades are discussed separately in the Chainbase CIPs repository.


  • Review CIPs: Familiarize yourself with the process by reading CIPs.
  • Clone the Repository: Start by cloning our CIPs repository.
  • Submit Your CIP: Use the provided template to draft your proposal and submit a Pull Request to the CIPs repository.

CIP Status Terms

  • Idea: Preliminary concept, not yet formally tracked.
  • Draft: First tracked stage, properly formatted and submitted.
  • Review: Ready for peer review.
  • Last: Final review stage, typically lasting 30 days.
  • Final: Established as a standard, only updated for corrections.
  • Stagnant: Inactive for 6+ months, can be reactivated.
  • Withdrawn: Proposal has been withdrawn and cannot be reused.
  • Living: Continuously updated, never final (e.g., CIP-1).


Processes or changes affecting Chainbase development, requiring community consensus.


Guidelines or information for the Chainbase community, not proposing new features.

For more details, visit our CIP documentation and guidelines.