What are all the ways I can get involved?

When testnet? When mainnet? When token?

Soon! Be sure to follow us on X for latest updates.

Is Chainbase open source?

Chainbase is in the process of open-sourcing all user-facing products and services; for the most up-to-date, you can take a look at our github repository here: https://github.com/chainbase-labs

Will Chainbase work for smart contracts?

No! Chainbase does not execute contracts - it is specifically for making data accessible both on and off-chain. Rather than writing smart contracts, developers can execute sophisticated data processing using manuscripts.

Will I need to know Solidity to write manuscripts?

No! Most manuscripts are written in SQL. With GPL, you can write manuscripts in Typescript, Solidity, even Python.

Who can I reach out to for more help?

For more help, Join our Discord or reach out to our DevRel, KagemniKarimu