Welcome to chainbase docs. All-in-one web3 data infrastructure for indexing, transforming and utilizing large-scale on-chain data via API, pipeline, and SQL.

What is Chainbase?

Chainbase is an all-in-one data infrastructure for Web3 that allows you to index, transform, and use on-chain data at scale through APIs, pipelines, and SQL. By leveraging enriched on-chain data and streaming computing technologies across one data infrastructure, Chainbase automates the indexing and querying of blockchain data, enabling developers to accomplish more with less effort.

Products & Features


Chainbase provides a suite of REST and Stream APIs that dramatically simplify your web3 development process with seamless access to on- and off-chain data.


Deploy pipelines for transforming data in real-time. You can deliver the data how you need it. Build custom APl, call webhooks, or bridge data and integrate it into your stack.


Chainbase supports decoded and enriched datasets to build next-level apps with cutting-edge protocols today and tomorrow.

Data Cloud

Data Cloud lets you run your low-latency queries through an endpoint to leverage all our indexed datasets for your custom needs.