Overview of Chainbase's API Offerings


Donโ€™t have an API key?

Go to console.chainbase.com to create an account and a new API key.

For demo purposes, you can use the key "demo" to test out the API.

Web3 API

Web3 API is a suite of REST and Stream APIs that dramatically simplify your web3 development process with seamless access to on- and off-chain data. No matter what you're building, our Web3 API will provide the necessary data support, including balance, transaction history, ownership, and price information.

    Requests information about specific NFTs, like metadata or ownership.
  • Token API
    Easily retrieves details about specific tokens like wallet balances or transfer events.
  • DeFi API
    Get all portfolios in the protocol of a specific address across all major blockchains.
  • Domain API
    Instantly resolve ENS names (or other domains) from addresses.
  • Basic API
    Give you access to chain-level information and data available for all major EVM blockchains.


Run your low-latency queries through SQL API endpoint to leverage all our indexed datasets for your custom needs.

Chain API

The Chainbase Chain API easily connects your dApp to a node that is part of the blockchain network. Developers can interact with on-chain data and send different types of transactions to the network by utilizing the endpoints provided by the Chain API. The API follows a JSON-RPC standard.