Chainbase Data Cloud lets you run your low-latency queries through an endpoint to leverage all our indexed datasets for your custom needs.

What is Data Cloud?

Chainbase Data Cloud is a fully managed online data warehouse service for Web3 developers. Developers can query the data warehouse through the SQL API to access our datasets with zero infra cost. And Data Cloud's scalable, distributed analytical data engine and intelligent data modeling allow you to query terabytes of data in seconds.


  • Query with the most common datasets so anyone can instantly interact with the blockchain world.
  • The serverless infrastructure lets developers focus on building applications instead of building infrastructure.
  • The Data Cloud provides blazing-fast querying speed with online service-level data capabilities.
  • The Data Cloud Studio lets you write and run queries in our browser-based development tool.

Hierarchical Design of Data Structures

We have layered the data into different scenarios to make it easier for developers to find tables:

  • Raw DATA
    Provides detailed records of all activities on the blockchain
  • Abstract DATA
    Data that is easy to understand and use
  • DecodedDapp DATA
    Decoded smart contract calls and events

You can query data from Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain, and more data will be supported in succession.