Sync Overview

A real-time, reliable way to synchronize datasets

The Sync feature is designed to seamlessly synchronize Web3 datasets to a user's backend infrastructure. Recognizing the diverse needs of different scenarios, we offer a variety of synchronization integrations, including Webhook, Kafka, and the upcoming S3. This flexibility ensures that users can choose the most suitable way for their specific use case, ensuring efficient and reliable data transfer.

🔔 Webhook

Webhook serves as a powerful toolkit within Sync feature, designed specifically for real-time monitoring of On-Chain events. Its core strengths lie in its ability to provide real-time updates ensuring developers never miss a beat in the dynamic world of Web3.

Beyond just real-time, Webhook boasts Customizability, allowing users to tailor their data reception based on specific needs. with a foundation built on Reliability, users can trust Webhook to consistently deliver accurate and timely data, making it an indispensable asset for those seeking immediate insights from Web3.

The Following are the Sync - Webhook overview and API referrences you could get quick started by reading it. Enjoy with Webhook

⚙️ Kafka

Kafka, another integration specific for large-scale data streaming. Its high-throughput davantage ensures that vast amounts of data can be processed swiftly, catering to applications that demand rapid data transfer.

Meanwhile Kafka is synonymous with Reliability, ensuring data integrity even in the most challenging scenarios. Its Low Latency capabilities guarantee that data is not just transferred quickly, but also with minimal delay. Furthermore, with Replayability, users have the flexibility to reprocess data streams, to meet their extra scenarios.

Here are the Kafka overview which could get you quick started.

🚧 S3

S3, is another key integration module for Sync feature, is designed for large offline data synchronization. Unlike real-time data synchronization and large-scale data streaming, S3 provides a more robust and persistent data synchronization solution.

It will be released in a future releases, it will provide unparalleled convenience for those who need large-scale data migration and backup. More importantly, S3 is not just a synchronization tool, it is fully compatible with the widely used S3 protocol storages, ensuring seamless integration with a variety of existing storage solutions.

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