EVM RPC API Overview


Donโ€™t have an API key?

Go to console.chainbase.com to create an account and a new API key.

What is the EVM RPC API?

The EVM RPC API enables applications to connect to an Ethereum-compatible node supported by Chainbase. By utilizing the API's endpoints, developers can interact with on-chain data and send various types of transactions to the network. The API adheres to the JSON-RPC standard, which is a stateless, lightweight remote procedure call (RPC) protocol frequently used for interacting with Ethereum.

Supported networks

  • ethereum-mainnet
  • ethereum-goerli
  • polygon-mainnet
  • polygon-mumbai
  • bsc-mainnet
  • bsc-testnet
  • avalanche-mainnet
  • avalanche-testnet
  • fantom-mainnet
  • fantom-testnet
  • arbitrum-mainnet
  • arbitrum-goerli
  • optimism-mainnet
  • base-mainnet
  • zksync-mainnet
  • zksync-testnet