NFT API Overview


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Chainbase's NFT API allows developers to build applications that seamlessly query collections, floor prices, ownership, transfers, and exchange data and metadata in real-time.

Supported chains by use case

When calling the NFT API, you can use the Network ID listed in the table below as the chain_id parameter. NFT API only supports EVM-compatible blockchains for now.

We will continue to add support for new blockchains. If there is a chain that you wish to support, but we do not, please let us know by reaching out to [email protected].

ChainNetwork IDNFT TransfersNFT OwnershipNFT MetadataNFT CollectionsNFT Marketplace
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NFT API Endpoints by use case

NFT Transfers

EndpointWhat to use it for?
getNftTransfersGet NFT transfers by collection

NFT Ownership

EndpointWhat to use it for?
getNFTOwnerGet NFT owner by token
getNFTOwnerHistoryGet NFT owner history by token
getNFTOwnersGet NFT owners by collection

NFT Metadata

EndpointWhat to use it for?
getNFTMetadataGet NFT metadata
getNFTRarityGet the calculated OpenRarity of NFTs for a collection

NFT Collections

EndpointWhat to use it for?
getNFTCollectionGet NFT collection
getNFTSearchSearch NFT collection

NFT Marketplace

EndpointWhat to use it for?
getNFTFloorPriceGet floor price by collection
getNFTPriceHistoryGet floor price history by collection
getNFTCollectionTrendingGet trending collections by marketplace