Delegators enhance the economic security of the network by staking their tokens to validators and operators. The Chainbase network uses a dual staking mechanism, where delegators can choose to stake $ETH (or $LST) and $CBT.

Staking Tokens

Delegators can stake their tokens to support validators and operators, contributing to the network’s security and stability.

  1. Choose Tokens: Decide whether to stake $ETH (or $LST) or $CBT.
  2. Select Validators/Operators: Choose the validators and operators you want to support.
  3. Stake Tokens: Use the staking interface to delegate your tokens to the selected validators and operators.

Earning Rewards

By staking tokens, delegators earn a share of the rewards earned by the validators and operators they support. for details refer to tokenomics

Community and Support

Join the Chainbase delegator discord to collaborate with other delegators, share knowledge, and get support.