Operators play a crucial role in the network by providing the necessary computational resources for the execution layer, ensuring the smooth operation of data processing tasks. Operators are rewarded in a manner akin to proof-of-work, with greater workloads demanding higher hardware requirements.

Becoming an Operator

To become an operator in the Chainbase network, follow these steps:

  1. Register: Register as an operator on the Holesky testnet or the mainnet of the Eigenlayer smart contract. This will register your Ethereum public key with the Eigenlayer smart contract. Follow the instructions on Eigenlayer.
  2. Set Up Infrastructure: Ensure you have the necessary hardware and software infrastructure to support the network’s computational requirements.
  3. Run Node Software: Install and run the Chainbase node software to start participating in the network.


Operators are responsible for maintaining and managing the computational infrastructure required for data processing tasks.

  1. Infrastructure Management: Maintain and manage the hardware and software infrastructure to ensure efficient operation.
  2. Data Processing: Process and execute data query requests submitted by data developers.

Earning Rewards

Operators earn rewards based on the quality and quantity of data processing services they provide. The network incentivizes operators to maintain and optimize their computing resources. for details refer to tokenomics.

Community and Support

Join the Chainbase discord operators channel to collaborate with other operators, share knowledge, and get support.